Erin O’Brien

    Erin O’Brien
    Online Marketing and Website Consultant

    A Sebastopol Native, Erin O’Brien is an Online Marketing and Website Consultant with local, national & international clientele. She earned a Masters degree in Education with an emphasis in Technology and Sustainability, and has over a decade of experience writing, researching and editing. Additional areas of expertise include web development, data organization, educational programming & leadership training.

    Her business—Erin O’Brien Creative—designs beautiful websites, graphics & content. Defined by innovation, research and excellent communication, she helps develop and meet your online marketing and web development goals. Erin builds creative relationships with her clients that bring out the best in everyone involved. Together with her clients, she designs authentic and motivational content that engages the values and needs of customers and/or audiences while helping them (her clients and their audiences) develop long-term relationships.

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